TN 32 (08-23)

GN 00504.185 Follow up on Questionable Representative Payees

A. Follow up on a questionable representative payee

We must monitor questionable payees by personal contact (either by phone, or by personal visit).

1. Mandatory follow up on a questionable representative payee

We require follow up contact(s) to assess the effectiveness of the existing representative payee-to-beneficiary relationship in the following circumstances:

  1. a. 

    We pay the beneficiary directly despite indications of incapability because a suitable payee is not available. We require three follow up contacts per GN 00504.105B.2.

  2. b. 

    The beneficiary lives in a non-complying board and care facility, which is the appointed payee. For information regarding a Quick Response Check (site review) see GN 00605.440A.1.

  3. c. 

    A child is in the temporary custody of a social agency, but the parent is the appointed payee. Follow up after three months to ensure that the representative payee uses the benefits properly.

  4. d. 

    The representative payee is a friend or casual acquaintance and does not have custody of the beneficiary. For title XVI, coordinate these follow ups with the redetermination (RZ) process.

  5. e. 

    The representative payee is a felon or fugitive, refer to GN 00502.133.

  6. f. 

    The representative payee has poor past performances, refer to GN 00502.134.

2. Discretionary follow ups

Consider discretionary follow ups whenever there is a need.

3. Follow up intervals

Conduct your follow up within three-months.

B. Procedure for following up on a questionable representative payee

1. How to conduct a follow up if the representative payee is questionable

  • Contact the beneficiary either by phone, or by personal contact. Ask, and determine if the representative payee is meeting their needs and performing satisfactorily.

  • If necessary, contact appropriate third parties (neighbors, community service organizations, etc.). For more information on disclosure policy, refer to GN 03301.000.

  • Contact the representative payee for an explanation of any questionable situations. You may contact the representative payee by telephone or by personal visits.

NOTE: In questionable situations, you may wish to make an unannounced visit to the beneficiary’s home to interview them.

2. Continued follow up of questionable representative payee

Continue your follow up until you are satisfied that you have protected the beneficiary's interests, and you do not need to follow up any further to protect those interests.

3. How to establish a follow up diary

To establish a follow up diary:

  • Use the Add New Issue screen in the Electronic Representative Payee System (eRPS) (MS INTRANETERPS 008.007) or other reliable diary control.

  • When the diary matures, review the payee's performance in both managing the benefits and in carrying out reporting responsibilities.

  • Record personal contact findings on a report of contact (RC) or the Report of Contact Details screen in eRPS (MS INTRANETERPS 016.002).

  • Develop for a successor payee if appropriate.

4. How to conduct follow up as a part of other contacts

Consider reviewing the continued need for a representative payee and the performance of the payee as a part of any subsequent contact with the beneficiary or the payee (e.g., Continuing Disability Review (CDR), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) redeterminations (RZ), change of address).

C. References

  • GN 00502.133 Payee Applicant is a Felon or Fugitive or Has Been Convicted of Other Criminal Act

  • GN 00502.134 Payee Applicant has Poor Past Performance

  • SI 02305.123 Developing Rep Payee Suitability During RZs

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