TN 6 (09-97)

GN 00505.046 Module Payee Procedures - Foreign Claims

A. DO Approved Cases

Output Form SSA-3926-C2FC, the MBR printout, and the folder will be received for each processed DO item input. CA's should work these cases in screening; the cases should not be backlogged. The CA will review the Form SSA-3926-C2FC, prepare any necessary listings and diaries, and prepare a Form SSA-573 for the typist to send the notices. If a 400 series alert is shown on the Form SSA-3926-C2FC, a Form SSA-567 will be prepared routing the case to the benefit authorizer after typing. In addition, the CA should prepare a Form SSA-5015-U2 diary for 30 days to control receipt of the payee development from the DO. The folder will be returned to files after the notices are released. When the DO payee development is received, the folder will be routed to the CA for payee review.

B. CDB Approved Cases

These folders will come into the modules from CDB and be read directly into the payment processing location.

When the Form SSA-3926-C2FC is generated, the folder should be read into CA-WIP. CA's should process these cases at the screening table by reviewing the Form SSA-3926-C2FC for accuracy, preparing any necessary listings and diaries, preparing a Form SSA-573 for the typist to complete the post-processing notices, and reviewing the payee determination. After the notices are released, the folder will be returned to files.

C. Module Approved Cases

There will be cases where no final payee determination will have been made by the DO. The CA will make the final decision as to whether a representative payee will be appointed and who that payee will be. If the beneficiary or legal representative resides in the U.S. and the DO fails to give an advance notice, the CA should prepare and release the advanced notice and prepare a 30-day diary. The folder will be returned to files. If there has been no response to the advanced notice when the diary becomes due, the CA will process the payee action. Any response to an advance notice will be referred to the CA to process.

If the change of payee must be processed manually, prepare a Form SSA-5390-U2 and refer it to the benefit authorizer. If direct input can be utilized, complete Form SSA-3137, prepare necessary diaries and listings (listing codes 512, 515, and 516 are not appropriate to foreign rep-payee changes). In addition, complete Form SSA-573 for the typist. Then route the folder to the telecommunicator to transmit the data from Form SSA-3137.

When the output Form SSA-3926-C2FC is received, review it for completeness and accuracy. If neither a Form SSA-3926-C2FC nor an exception is received within 15 days of the data transmission, obtain an MBR. If the MBR shows the change of payee was effected, document the folder with a copy of the MBR, and route the folder to typing. If the change of payee was not effected, retransmit the data from Form SSA-3137.

D. Computer Notice SSA-3926-C2FC

A computer notice, Form SSA-3926-C2FC, will be generated for old and/or new payees. Destroy these notices. Send the new payee a certificate 30. Send the old payee the appropriate notice.

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