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GN 00605.060 Reviewing the Accounting Reports

A. Preview

The following sections describe how to review payee responses in relation to certain computer printed entries on the SSA-623-OCR-SM, SSA-6230-OCR-SM, and SSA-6234-OCR-SM accounting reports. These sections also provide guidance on developing additional information necessary to approve the accounting report, or on initiating a change of payee or misuse investigation.

  • GN 00605.061 explains computer printed data entries on the top portion of the accounting reports.

  • GN 00605.065 through GN 00605.069 explains how to review payee responses on all versions of the accounting report.

  • GN 00605.070 summarizes, in chart format, the acceptable and unacceptable payee responses on the Form SSA-623-OCR-SM or SSA-623-F6.

  • GN 00605.072 summarizes review procedures for the SSA-6230-OCR-SM and SSA-6230-F6 in the same manner.

  • GN 00605.074 summarizes review procedures for the SSA-6234-OCR-SM and SSA-6234-F6.

Exhibits of portions of the accounting reports are contained in the appropriate sections.

B. Policy

Payee responses on the accounting reports are indicators about payee performance that may trigger the need for recontact with and reevaluation of the payee. The responses must be considered within the context of the entire representative payment program, as described in other chapters and subchapters.

C. Procedure

REMINDER: Procedures throughout this subchapter apply to PC and FO technicians, unless otherwise specified.

  • Review the entire report, including remarks, before contacting the payee to initiate resolution of all issues in one contact.

  • Resolve discrepant responses and confirm unacceptable responses by direct contact (DIRCON) whenever possible.

  • Record payee DIRCON responses on a SSA-5002, Report of Contact or on a paperless Telephone Contact form. Do not alter payee responses and remarks on the accounting report. If contacting the payee to obtain a response to an unanswered question, annotate the answer (sign and date) on the accounting report provided the response does not require an explanation. DIRCON which changes a payee response should be documented on a report of contact or Telephone Contact form.

  • When the PC cannot resolve a questionable or unacceptable payee response through DIRCON, request FO assistance.

CAUTION: Do not send the original SSA-623-OCR-SM, SSA-6230-OCR-SM, or SSA-6234-OCR-SM with any development request.

FOs should conduct face-to-face interviews and complete a Representative Payee Report, SSA-624-F5, if the payee confirms an unacceptable response.

EXAMPLE: The payee indicated that custody changed. During DIRCON, the payee states that the beneficiary moved into their child's house in another State. A change of payee may be in the beneficiary's best interest.

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