TN 15 (12-98)

GN 00605.208 DI Diary and the Redetermination/Limited Issue Process


The DI diary will be controlled on the Post Entitlement Operational Data Store (PE ODS) system. This section tells you how to identify cases requiring representative payee annual accounting and dedicated account monitoring, and what to do when the beneficiary continues to have a dedicated account but there is no longer a representative payee.


A DI diary will be set on each case that requires annual accounting and dedicated account monitoring. The DI diary will be associated with scheduled redeterminations selected for the beneficiary, otherwise, the case will be selected as a limited issue the month before the month the diary matures.

EXCEPTION: Cases with KB (critical birthday) diaries are selected for profile K (critical birthday) redeterminations a month before the month the diary matures (i.e., the individual turns age 18). The KB is displayed in the DIAR segment of the SSID at the beginning of the fiscal year. The selection date of the profile K redetermination can be determined by reviewing the DIAR segment for the KB diary. If the DI diary matures before the KB diary, a limited issue will not be set for the DI diary. FOs should coordinate the DI diary with the profile K redetermination when the KB diary matures.


1. Identify Cases Selected for FO Completion of Annual Accounting and Dedicated Account Monitoring

a. Redeterminations

Regardless of the redetermination profile code (See SI 02305.014), coordinate the redetermination and the annual accounting/dedicated account monitoring by reviewing the DIAR segment of a SSID for a DI diary.

NOTE: FOs should resolve and clear the DI diary with the RZ if development is going to affect eligibility or payment amount.

b. Limited Issues

Identify the need for limited issue annual accounting/dedicated account monitoring development by a profile code of “X” and a unique selection indicator of “Z” in the CRZD segment of a SSID.

2. Control of Dedicated Account Monitoring Cases Converted to Direct Pay

The restrictions and monitoring of the dedicated account continue to apply when a child remains eligible for benefits after attaining age 18, is converted into direct payment, the former payee has maintained the dedicated account, and the funds are returned to SSA for direct deposit into a dedicated account solely in the beneficiary's name. However, the system cannot identify these cases at this time. For this reason, FOs should take the following actions:

  • reset the DI diary with a new maturity date before the redetermination or limited issue clearance is input to the system. Input a date which is 12 months from the month/year the FO deposited the returned funds into the dedicated account; and

  • clear the limited issue following the instructions in SM 01501.003.

EXAMPLE: Former payee returned dedicated account funds on 8/15/ 98. The beneficiary was notified of the requirements to establish a dedicated account and the restrictions on the use of funds. The beneficiary provided the FO with required bank data, and the FO deposited (i.e., established pay flag 5 equals “X” ) the funds into the dedicated account on 10/22/98. The FO sets a future DI diary for 10/22/99 following the instructions in SM 01301.230 and clears the limited issue.

NOTE: The restrictions and monitoring requirements no longer apply when the account is depleted or eligibility to benefits terminates.



  • Limited Issue Cases - REDETS, SI 02305.000 ff.

  • Redetermination Process, SM 01501.000 ff.

  • CORC, MSOM QUERIES 005.001 and MSOM MISCINPUTS 002.002.

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