TN 13 (11-11)

GN 01010.220 Manually Processed Awards

A. Policy on manually processed awards

Manually processed awards are claims adjudicated using an Automated 101 (A101) or an Electronic Form 101 (EF101) and effectuated via Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) or Manual Adjustment Credit and Award Data Entry (MACADE) systems. Field Office (FO) adjudicators usually transfer the A101 and EF101 to the Processing Center (PC) electronically, generating an alert to the Benefit Authorizer (BA).

Procedures for A101 entries are in MSOM MCS 014.003. For the preparation of the EF101, see MSOM T2PE 009.001.

B. Procedure for manually processed awards

1. FO required alerts for PC special actions

Use the claim report of contact (RPOC), the A101 Benefit Continuity Remarks/Notice (BCRN) or the EF101 remarks continued (EFBCRN) screens to alert the PC of any special action requests. In addition, all related information must be stored in the Non-disability Repository (NDR) or the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF), also known as eDIB if needed.

2. PC required claim review

Accurate completion of the MACADE summary is the responsibility of the technician who is propagating the A101 or EF101 into MACADE. This is true even though the FO claim adjudicator prepared the A101 or EF101. You must review the FO prepared A101or EF101 using SM 00805.005.

C. References

  • SM 00805.005 How to Perform the A101 or EF101 Review

  • MSOM MCS 014.003 Account Data (ACCT)

  • MSOM T2PE 009.001 Electronic Form 101 Process

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