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GN 01040.005 Establishment of Diaries and Listings

A. Background

Due to multiple systems enhancements and updates, form SSA-5015-U2 is now obsolete. The establishment of diaries and listings is determined by the processing method used by the technician.

B. Procedure - MCS

1. MCS Screens

When you adjudicate a claim via MCS, enter the appropriate diary and/or listing code on the Decision Input (DECI) screen and MCS automatically creates a control on PCACS. The DECI screen is the second of three possible screens within this path. The first screen is the File Date Determination Screen (FDDS) followed by the DECI screen and finally the Diary Screen (DIAR), which follows when a diary code is displayed on the DECI screen. The DIAR is a new MCS screen that is used to record up to 4 diary codes along with the due dates and descriptive reasons for establishment. This screen allows you to enter free-format text to explain the reason for the diary, providing more diary detail and represents an enhancement to the diary process.

2. Signature Proxy or Alternative Signature

Effective 10/14/05, it is no longer necessary to complete a Modernized Development Worksheet to alert the processing center that a Listing Code applies to the case. The Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) will now create an Electronic Control Record (ECR) when a listing is received in PCACS and there is no paper associated with the listing. The ECR is a placeholder in PCACS that allows transactions (such as Listing Code updates) to be processed for accounts that have no paper folder associated with them.

3. A101/EF 101

When additional diaries are needed, annotate the appropriate diary/listing code and reason in the REMARKS field on the BCF/Remarks/Notice (BCRN) screen. Additional actions may also be indicated on the routing sheet; however FOs can use the Report Of Contact (RPOC) screen to include additional information. The instruction to the BA to check the RPOC screen should be annotated in REMARKS on the BCRN screen.

4. Post-adjudicative Actions

The Postadjudicative Routing form, SSA-409, is used to forward post-adjudicative material to the PSC. The SSA-409 replaces the Claims Routing form, SSA-3601, for routing post-adjudicative actions and can be used to notify the technician that they must take action on the material forwarded. If cancellation of a diary is the only PSC action needed, do not check additional blocks.  However, if additional action is required, check one of the numbered blocks. Currently only the PSC has the capability to establish post-entitlement diaries or cancel post-entitlement diaries. Fax the SSA-409 request for action to the PSC via the applicable paperless fax number.

5. Listings

MSOM PCACS 005.010 contains detailed instructions for adding and/or deleting listing codes for post-entitlement cases.

  1. 1. 

    From the SSA MENU MAIN, enter # 26 (PC Action Control System) in the SELECT THE DESIRED FUNCTION field and press ENTER. This will take you to the PCACS MAIN MENU (PMEN) screen.

  2. 2. 

    On the PMEN screen, the OFFICE CODE generated should be the office code to which you are assigned. Entries in this field will be in blue and cannot be overkeyed.

  3. 3. 

    In the UNIT field, enter a Unit identifier just as you would when using any other function in PCOM.

  4. 4. 

    In the ENTER SELECTION field, enter #17 (LISTINGS), in the SSN field enter the SSN. Press ENTER. This will take you to the LIST screen, which is used to add or delete listing codes.

  5. 5. 

    The LIST screen will show all listing codes (if any) are already on PCACS for the SSN. The cursor on the LIST screen will automatically be placed in the first listing code field. If there is already a listing code in this field, tab to the next available blank field to add a new listing code.

NOTE: There are spaces for three listing codes. If all three spaces are filled with other listing codes, you must exit PCACS and send an MDW 2560 to the PSC with additional instructions.

Do not enter listing codes in the spaces below the top line on the LIST screen. This will assign the listing code to a particular folder, which is incorrect since a listing code applies to the entire account.

Enter the appropriate listing code for your situation in the 4-position field. It is important that you type an asterisk (*) as the first position followed by the 3-position listing code. If you do not type the * before the listing code you will receive the EDIT - LISTING CODE INDICATOR MUST EQUAL CSITE OR *.

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