TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.225 Adjudication

Adjudication in SSA is the process, involving both the DO and processing center, of making an initial determination as to entitlement on a social security claim. Adjudicative activities in the DO consist of a series of judgments running through the entire development of a claim, usually culminating in the preparation of an award or disallowance form. In making these cumulative judgments, DO personnel must not only apply a complex body of law, regulations, and instructions, but must also avoid burdening the public with unnecessary demands.

The interrelationship between DO and processing center adjudicative responsibilities is described in GN 01010.027 - GN 01010.028. A detailed list of DO adjudicative responsibilities is provided in GN 01010.008 and GN 01010.100.

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