TN 19 (05-07)

GN 01070.209 FO/PC Telephone Numbers/Paperless Fax Numbers

A. Overview of determining correct pc contact

  • Use the DOORS system to obtain the correct DOTEL telephone number (see MSOM DOORS 002.002).

  • To determine the correct PC SSN jurisdiction, see GN 01070.245.

  • If the prior folder is under the jurisdiction of the Office of Disability Operations (ODO) or the Office of International Operations (OIO), check the PCACS system for the folder location before placing the telephone call. See MSOM PCACS 001.001for more information on the PCACS system. The use of the OQA toolbar QM will provide a link to how to read the query.

Reminder: Jurisdiction for the claim will be in the PSC for all domestic disability claims where the number holder is age 54 or older. In such instances, the FO will telephone the PSC directly. The Kansas City region maintains a list of PSC telephone numbers on their intranet site.

B. Reference

Instructions on obtaining precedent file information is located in GN 01070.110.

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