TN 34 (08-21)

GN 01070.230 Overpayment Telephone (OPTEL)

A. Overview of OPTEL

OPTEL provides for FO telephone contacts with the PCs to secure information on overpayment recovery issues.

B. Instructions to avoid unnecessary telephone calls

To avoid unnecessary telephone calls, check the following sources to assure the desired information is not readily available in the FO:

  • Online Notice Retrieval System (ORS)

  • Debt Management System Remarks (DMS)

  • Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) or Evidence Portal (EP)

  • Inquiries Response (QROP Query)

  • Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)

  • Accounting and Reporting System (ROAR)

  • Payment History Update System (PHUS)

  • Master File Query (MFQ)

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