TN 10 (03-04)

GN 01701.255 Recomputations in Totalization Claims

A. Policy

Totalization benefits will be recomputed when additional earnings increase the pro rata primary insurance amount (PIA).

B. Procedure

Recompute the benefit as described in the order given below, using the computation method described in GN 01701.200.

  • Establish a new relative earnings position (REP) using the additional earnings.

  • Establish a new theoretical earnings record using the new REP.

  • Attribute earnings to years after the benchmark year only if they have actual earnings and at least 1 quarter of coverage (QC).

  • Establish a new pro rata PIA, including in the pro rata fraction any additional QCs credited as the result of the additional earnings.

C. Reference

Recomputations involving the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), GN 01701.305

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