TN 2 (03-04)

GN 01702.105 Required Totalization Application and Who Must File

A. Policy

1. Required applications

An applicant for U.S. Totalization benefits must complete the normal title II application(s) (e.g., an SSA-1, Application for Retirement Insurance Benefits). In addition, the applicant must complete an SSA-2490-BK (Application For Benefits Under A U.S. International Social Security Agreement). Except under the agreements with Australia, Canada (including Quebec), Japan, South Korea or Spain, an applicant must also complete form SSA-2490-BK to apply for foreign benefits. (See GN 01702.120 for applications required to apply for benefits from Australia, Canada/Quebec, Japan, South Korea or Spain).

Only one SSA-2490-BK is required to protect the rights of all applicants listed on the application. However, if the applicant files under more than one Social Security number (SSN), the applicant should complete a separate SSA-2490-BK for each SSN.

Example: A widow wishes to file for U.S. Totalization retirement benefits based on her combined U.S. and U.K. coverage, a U.K. retirement pension, and for widows benefits based on her husband's combined U.S. and U.K. coverage. She is also applying for benefits for her children under her SSN and her husband's SSN. In addition to the normal title II applications, she would have to complete one SSA-2490-BK under her SSN and another under her husband's SSN.

2. Proper applicant

The proper applicant must complete the SSA-2490-BK. If someone who is not the proper applicant under U.S. law files an application for U.S. benefits with a foreign country and a loss of benefits will result, the application is a protective writing that protects the filing date, provided the proper applicant subsequently files the appropriate application forms. If a person files an application for foreign benefits through a Social Security Administration field office using an SSA-2490-BK but is not the proper applicant under the other country's policies, the other country will subsequently develop an application from the proper applicant as determined by its policy.

B. Reference

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