TN 2 (09-85)

GN 01704.410 Role and Responsibilities of Benefit Earnings Technicians (BETs)

BETs deal with all aspects of developing totalization claims. Since totalization claims involve potential entitlement to benefits from both the United States and another country, effective communications between the two countries are vital.

BETs are responsible for communicating with the foreign agencies responsible for totalization, as well as with DOs, FSPs and directly with claimants in order to gather the documentation required to process totalization claims.

BETs must obtain the evidence, forms and applications required to complete totalization claims. Because each country with which the United States has an agreement uses different forms and has its own evidence requirements, BETs must be able to identify and satisfy the requirements of each specific country.

The actions which must be taken by BETs are unique and diversified. Frequently, BETs must take imaginative one-time-only judgmental actions which cannot be foreseen by this instruction. Basically, however, BETs:

  1. A. 

    Review totalization applications;

  2. B. 

    Request translations;

  3. C. 

    Request earnings records (ERs) and/or MBRs;

  4. D. 

    Develop totalization documentation through requests to DOs, FSPs, foreign agencies and individuals;

  5. E. 

    Transmit claims packages to foreign agencies;

  6. F. 

    Review claims packages;

  7. G. 

    Respond to assistance requests from foreign agencies;

  8. H. 

    Maintain (diary) controls on requests;

  9. I. 

    Certify evidence for foreign agencies; and

  10. J. 

    Respond to status requests concerning totalization claims.

It is essential to document the claims folder on every action taken on that file. Generally, the file copy of a completed form or notice will suffice. However, occasionally, annotations must be made concerning actions that are not evident; e.g., “referred to CA for RSDI development,” or “NAN development requested by INPS on 04/15/81, sent 04/21/81.” Always sign and date such dispositions.

In addition, complete a Form SSA-2968 (INTPSC Folder Documentation) when an issue has been discussed with a CA, BA or a technical assistant. Also, complete an SSA-2968 whenever an explanation of an action taken might be helpful to a technician re-
viewing the folder at a later date. Always sign and date Forms SSA-2968.

Be constantly alert to situations which require CA action because an RSDI issue is outstanding. These situations frequently arise when potential RSDI claimants are identified while reviewing totalization applications. Refer these cases to CAs for action.

Do not hesitate to ask the advice or assistance of CAs, BAs or CATAs. It is expected and unavoidable that BETs will come across issues so complex or so unique that they cannot possibly be resolved without the aid of additional technical expertise.

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