TN 17 (02-93)

GN 02215.175 DOJ Requests for Check Listing or Information

A. Introduction

Since the U.S. Attorney (or Central Justice) has only SSA's report upon which to base the Government's claim, he/she will in some instances request a listing of the checks involved in the overpayment claim or other additional information/evidence.

Other requests for information may be in the form of an administrative report (e.g., why a child beneficiary is liable for repayment of any overpayment), photocopies of material in the claims folder, or both.

B. Procedure

1. Request for listing of checks

The PC will send the request for a listing of checks by memorandum, through the ARC, POS. Insure that the listing includes:

  • All checks involved, regardless of the fact that some refunds or adjustment actions reduced the amount of the original debt;

  • legend appearing on the checks;

  • check number;

  • date of the check;

  • check amount;

  • month(s) of payment represented by each check; and

  • disbursing office symbol number.

If unable to provide all of the information listed above, provide what is available.

2. Request for certified photocopies

If the request is for certified photocopies of documents authenticated under the Department seal, proceed as follows:

  • The PC will make copies of pertinent documents, prepare a draft of the reply, and refer it to the appropriate RO.

  • The Regional Commissioner will make the certification and affix the seal, and the RO will release the letter to the requester.

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