TN 37 (04-20)

GN 02605.030 Representative Payee Cases for COA

Procedure for FO and PSC

If the representative payee reports a change of his or her own mailing address, we also collect the payee and beneficiary(ies) residences address and verify whether the payee has custody of the beneficiary(ies).

1. No Change in custody

a. Payee is an individual

  • If Title II, input COA via eRPS (which is automatically sent to the MBR the night following the change).

  • If Title XVI, you must first record the address change in eRPS and then go to MSSICS and build the SSR. (eRPS does not send address changes to the SSR).

  • If entering a COA via a MACADE input, the PSC must make a separate input in eRPS to update the Rep Payee database.


  • When payee receives payment by check and reports a change in mailing address on the cutoff date of the payment cycle, input the change in both POS and eRPS.

  • When payee’s mailing address is changing from domestic to foreign or foreign to domestic, input the change in both POS and eRPS.

  • When a technician takes action for any undocumented alien parent payee without an SSN, input the action through POS or MACADE.

b. Payee is an institution

Input the COA via eRPS (MS INTRANETERPS 014.006) and it will automatically update all associated title II and title XVI records (records correctly established on the eRPS).

2. Change in custody

  • Input the COA and custody for Title XVI via. MSSICS and eRPS. eRPS does not send custody or beneficiary changes to the SSR, these changes must be reported in both eRPS and MSSICS.

  • Input the COA for Title II cases via eRPS, which will ask specific residence and custody questions.

  • Develop for continued suitability if the individual is now living apart from the representative payee, after you have completed the COA.

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