TN 33 (09-15)

GN 02607.465 Transferring Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) Records

A. Reasons for transferring PUPS records

PUPS generates alerts, assigns their jurisdiction, and distributes them to servicing field offices (FO) and payment centers (PC) as described in GN 02607.410. However, you may need to transfer a PUPS record to another office when:

  • PUPS distributes an alert to the wrong location; or

  • a Title II PUPS alert distributed to an FO requires PC handling.

Regardless of the reason for transfer, an FO or PC may transfer a PUPS pending record to another location with supervisory approval.

We strive to complete actions on PUPS alerts within 60 days. Servicing offices must promptly review incoming PUPS alerts to identify necessary transfers and complete those transfers within 30 days of receipt.

NOTE: Transferring a PUPS pending record will transfer all pending reports associated with that record.

B. When to transfer PUPS records

1. FO transfers

Transfer a PUPS pending record when:

  • PUPS assigned the alert to the wrong servicing office; or

  • the alert involves a PUPS Title II automated processing exclusion or a T2R exception. In these cases, the PC must suspend benefits manually. (For information on PUPS automated processing exclusions, see GN 02607.740. For information on T2R exceptions, see GN 02607.750. )

NOTE: PCs do not work Title XVI cases. Do not transfer concurrent Title II and Title XVI pending PUPS records to a PC. Process the Title XVI PUPS record according to the processing instructions in GN 02607.705. After closing the Title XVI PUPS record, transfer the Title II PUPS pending record to the servicing PC.

2. PC transfers

Transfer a PUPS pending record when:

  • PUPS assigned the alert to the wrong servicing location; or

  • the FO must develop identity, confinement, conviction, or other inmate information.

C. FO and PC actions for transferring a PUPS record

1. Technician actions

To prepare a PUPS record for transfer, provide management with:

  • the reason for the transfer; and

  • the 3-digit servicing office code for the receiving FO or PC.

NOTE: Transfer Title XVI PUPS PENDING records only to the servicing FO for the title XVI recipient's mailing address on the Supplemental Security Record (SSR). Transfer Title II PUPS PENDING records to either the servicing FO or servicing PC based on the beneficiary's mailing address on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR).

2. Management actions

To transfer a PUPS record:

  1. a. 

    Verify the 3-digit office or location code for the receiving office. We determine the correct servicing office by using the mailing address of the beneficiary on the MBR for currently entitled beneficiaries and the mailing address of the Title XVI recipient on the SSR. If a new Title II claim is pending in the Modernized Claim System (MCS), the correct servicing office is the office of MCS jurisdiction.

  2. b. 

    Select TYPE OF ACTION: "6” (Change Information Only) on the Prisoner Summary (PUST) screen. (For information on the PUST screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.004).

  3. c. 

    Over-key the existing 3-digit office code with the 3-digit code for the receiving office in the ALERT GENERATED TO field on the T2 Prisoner Update (PU02) or the T16 Prisoner Update (PU16) screen. (For information on the PU02 screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.006. For information on the PU16 screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.008).

  4. d. 

    Add remarks to the Prisoner Remarks (PRMK) screen to:

    • show the receiving office’s location code;

    • explain why you are transferring the PUPS record; and

    • provide any additional information that may assist the next technician in working the record.

      For information on the PRMK screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.010. For the remarks needed for PUPS automated processing exclusions, see GN 02607.740. For remarks needed for T2R exceptions, see GN 02607.750.

  5. e. 

    Notify the receiving office of the transfer. When transferring the PUPS record to:

  • A PC, prepare an SSA-2790 (Prisoner Fax Request) following instructions in GN 02607.995.

  • An FO, prepare a Modernized Development Worksheet (MDW). Include the date of the transfer and the number of days the PUPS record was pending on the date of transfer. (For information on the MDW, see MSOM MS MDW 001.001.)

D. Tracking PUPS record transfers

The Prisoner Tracking Management Information (PTMI) System records the transfer of PUPS pending records. The PTMI/Workload Management Intranet screens display transfers as a separate category following the regular pending PUPS records. PTMI lists both transfers to and transfers from the office queried.

When transferring a PUPS record, its time in operations carries over to the receiving office. The receiving office must take immediate action to ensure that the PUPS record does not pend more than 60 days.

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