TN 86 (04-23)

GN 02607.710 Selecting the Correct Inmate Report for Processing When Multiple Reports Exist

A. Multiple Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) reports exist

PUPS establishes inmate reports based on confinement dates. When PUPS establishes an inmate report, it assigns a report number. For a description of the report number, see MSOM PRISON 003.001.

Often, facilities transmit multiple reports for the same inmate because they report:

  • using an improper format;

  • blank or "default" (00 for the day) confinement dates (For instructions on correcting blank or "default" confinement dates, see GN 02607.530.);

  • new confinement dates;

  • conviction dates;

  • moves between facilities; or

  • any combination of the above.

When receiving multiple inmate reports, PUPS performs the following actions:

  • Assigns a new report number each time it receives a report with a new confinement date.

  • Maintains the existing report number when receiving a new report with the same confinement date. PUPS updates the existing report with any new data for the inmate.

  • Displays the latest inmate information and maintains a history for each report number. To view the revisions made in each report, complete the Show Report History field on the Prisoner Summary (PUST) screen. For more information on the PUST screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.004.

1. Selecting a PUPS report for processing

Review the PUST and Prison Report History (PURS) screens to determine which reports are pending and whether there are multiple reports for the same period of confinement. Take action on the Title XVI PUPS report effective with the earliest date of confinement. Take action on the Title II PUPS report effective with the earliest date the beneficiary is both convicted and confined. For instructions on suspending benefits, see GN 02607.700 and GN 02607.705.

2. Clearing duplicate PUPS reports

If you discover duplicate reports for the same period of confinement, clear the duplicates by entering:

  1. a. 

    “2” (CLEAR CONTROL - NO SUSPENSION NECESSARY) in the SELECT TYPE OF ACTION field on the T2 Prisoner Update (PU02) screen or the T16 Prisoner Update (PU16) screen. (For more information on the PU02 and PU16 screens, see MSOM PRISON 003.006 and MSOM PRISON 003.008); and

  2. b. 

    the remark "Duplicate record--suspension processed on PUPS record XX" on the Prisoner Remarks (PRMK) screen on each duplicate record. (For more information on the PRMK screen, see MSOM PRISON 003.10.)

B. Reported conviction date is earlier than confinement date

A court may convict an individual of a crime, but not confine them for several days or weeks after sentencing. When a PUPS report has a conviction date that is earlier than the confinement date, take the following corrective action:

  • change the conviction date on the PU02 or PU16 screen to equal the confinement date; and

  • document the reported conviction date on the PRMK screen.

If we do not take this corrective action, PUPS incorrectly calculates an incentive payment based on a comparison of the date of conviction and the date of the report.

C. References

GN 02607.001 TII Prisoner And Other Inmate Suspension Provisions

GN 02607.050 TXVI Prisoner Provision

GN 02607.160 TII Provisions for Confinements Beginning 04/01/2000 and Continuing

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