TN 25 (06-19)

GN 02610.036 Recomputations of Title II Offset

A. Processing recomputations of title II offset

The Processing Center (PC) must initiate an SSA-e4345, Record of Manual Title II Offset Computation, to the field office (FO) to request a recomputation of the title II offset when either of the following title II postentitlement (PE) events occurs:

  • The month of entitlement to title II benefits changes to an earlier month, which changes the beginning date of the offset period; or,

  • We lower the title II benefit used in a prior offset computation, which results in a title II overpayment.

NOTE: Whenever a processing error results in an incorrect offset computation, a recomputation of the offset is necessary. For more information about when to do a recomputation, see SM 01320.400. For information about recomputing windfall offset when the title II date of entitlement (DOE) changes, see GN 02610.050B.

B. FO procedure for recomputing title II offset manually

The FO must manually recompute the offset amount in situations where the system cannot automatically recompute the offset. For information on how to manually recompute the offset amount, follow the instructions in GN 02610.035B.

C. PC procedure for processing recomputations

Process recomputations according to instructions in the following table: 




Record in Section II. on the SSA-e4345, the revised offset data provided by the FO.


Compare the original offset amount to the newly computed offset amount. When comparing the two windfall offset amounts, remember to apply the $1.00 tolerance for changes to the monthly benefit credited (MBC) due to rounding, which can be found in SM 03045.910.


If the newly computed offset amount is less than the additional retroactive title II benefits payable due to the PE event:

  • Subtract the difference from any retroactive benefits due because of the PE event.

  • Subtract any collectible overpayment. For cross-program recovery of title XVI overpayment from title II underpayments, see SI 02220.021.

NOTE: After subtracting these amounts, release the remaining title II benefits to the beneficiary.

If the newly computed offset amount exceeds the retroactive title II benefits due as a result of the PE action:

  • Subtract the new offset amount from the title II overpayment.

  • Notify the claimant of any remaining overpayment.


Computing non-countable income (NCI) when recomputing the offset:

  1. a. 

    Compute the amount of additional title II benefits withheld for months in the offset period.

  2. b. 

    If the results of step 2 exceed the results of step 4.a., there is no additional NCI. Enter the NCI from the prior SSA-e4345 in Section II.C. of the new SSA-e4345.

  3. c. 

    If the result of step 2 is less than the result of step 4.a., the difference is additional NCI. Add the new NCI to the NCI from the prior computation and enter in Section II.C. on the SSA-e4345.

  4. d. 

    If there is no additional offset, add the additional title II benefits payable for months in the offset period to the NCI from the last offset computation. Enter this amount in Section II.C. on the SSA-e4345.

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