TN 12 (10-91)

GN 02610.060 Reconsiderations and Offset - Process


If the reconsideration involves Then
The applicability of title XVI offset and/or the amount FO processes the request
Application of title II offset FO sends request to PC for processing
The title II offset amount The FO will:
  • Verify that correct title II data were used in an automated computation

  • Recompute the offset which was computed manually

  • Send a summary and any worksheets to PC Attn: Reconsideration Branch


And the PC will:


  • Release notice to beneficiary

    NOTE: Follow the special notice procedures in NL 01001.010 if the notice will be sent to a claimant, beneficiary, or representative payee who alleges being blind or visually impaired.

  • Correct any offset data on the MBR

  • Subtract any collectible SSI overpayment - see SI 02220.021

  • Pay any benefits due

  • Correct the trust fund transfers when necessary.

See GN 03102.175 for Reconsideration procedure, Title II.

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