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GN 02615.110 Title II Clark Court Order Relief

A. Background on the Clark court case

Use the procedural instructions in the chart for information about the Clark Court Order.

Clark Court Order POMS Topics

Cross- Reference

Description of the Clark court order

Identifying Class Members

GN 02615.100A

GN 02615.100A.2.

Terms of the Clark court order

Prospective relief

Remedial relief

Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR)

GN 02613.100B

GN 02615.100B.1.

GN 02615.100B.2

GN 02615.100B.2.

Planned timeframes for Clark relief

Title II relief

Title XVI relief

Concurrent case relief

GN 02615.100C

GN 02615.100C.1.

GN 02615.100C.2.

GN 02615.100C.3.

Clark Class Members processing categories in CATS

GN 02615.100D

B. Clark relief for title II Clark Class Members

1. Selection of title II records

We identified title II Clark Class Members from the Fugitive Felon System Control File (FFSCF) warrant records and information from our payment records. We selected title II records where, on or after 10/24/2006:

  • We made a parole or probation violation (PPV) suspension or any related overpayment initial determination, or

  • A beneficiary had an administrative appeal pending on a PPV suspension or overpayment initial determination.

2. Distribution of selected Class Member records

We distributed the Class Members into two groups:

  • C1 – Clark Automated Processing: we will automatically reinstate benefits back to the first month of PPV suspension and close each class member’s PPV warrant record(s). If the system did not automatically reinstate benefits and close the warrant record, the system will generate exceptions that require manual processing. For information on the C1 Clark Automated Processing cases, see GN 02615.115.

  • C2 – Clark Manual Processing: we will refer these records directly to the processing centers (PCs) for a review of each selected record and manual relief processing. For instructions on processing Clark manual relief cases, see GN 02615.120.

3. Clark Informational Notice

We mailed a Clark Informational Notice on December 11, 2012, to all identified title II Clark Class Members. For a copy of the Clark Informational Notice, see GN 02615.160A.

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