TN 13 (06-11)

GN 03101.140 Appeals of Payment for Certain Travel Expenses

A. Travel to hearings or medical examinations

  • Hold hearings within the 50 States, the District of Columbia, and the Northern Marianna Islands, within 75 miles of the appellant's residence. SSA may reimburse the claimant, their representative, or an unsubpoenaed witness who travels more than 75 miles to attend a hearing.

  • The amount that SSA can reimburse a representative for travel expenses to attend a hearing may not exceed the maximum amount allowable for representative's travel originating within the geographic area having jurisdiction over the hearing.

  • Reimburse subpoenaed witnesses under the rules for reimbursing witnesses who are compelled to appear in a United States District Court procedure.

  • The ALJ conducting the hearing will determine whether the presence of a witness is “reasonably necessary.”

  • Reimburse individuals for attending medical examinations requested by a State disability determination agency or SSA in connection with disability determinations.

  • There is no 75-mile minimum requirement for reimbursement of travel expenses for medical examinations.

B. Determinations not appealable

Determinations of payment or nonpayment of travel expenses are not initial determinations and, therefore, there are no appeal rights.

C. Reimbursement for travel

If claimants, their representative, or reasonably necessary unsubpoenaed witnesses are required to travel, inform them of:

  • The right to travel reimbursement; and

  • The possibility of advance payment; and

  • The hearing office or DDS office, address information where a request for payment is sent.

D. Reference

For guidelines on reimbursement for attending medical examinations, see DI 39545.001.

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