TN 1 (12-16)

GN 03313.040 Disclosure to the Department of State (DOS)

We provide general instructions for disclosing information from our systems of records to other Federal agencies and officials and a link to our systems of records and their applicable routine uses in GN 03313.001. If you receive a request from DOS, contact your regional Privacy Act Coordinator.

Disclosures to assist us in administering Social Security programs

We may disclose information to DOS when DOS assists us in administering the Social Security Act in foreign countries. For more information, see GN 03316.020, Disclosure Without Consent to Administer Programs Outside of the United States.

The American Institute in Taiwan, a private corporation under contract to the DOS, assists the SSA Division of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office (VARO), in administering the Social Security Act in Taiwan.

A. Disclosure to administer DOS programs for issuance of passports

DOS collects the name, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, gender, and other identity information of passport applicants to verify proof of their US citizenship and identity. We verify SSNs of passport applicants upon request by DOS, with the applicant’s consent. We have established a centralized data exchange to help verify SSNs and other identifying information for DOS. Refer any requests from DOS concerning the issuance of passports to the Office of Privacy and Disclosure at ^OGC OPD Controls.

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