TN 2 (01-17)

GN 03314.045 Disclosure to State Legislators

A. Disclosure policy

Disclosures to State legislators can only be made with the written consent of the individual, or someone who can consent for him or her. For information on our consent requirements, see GN 03305.003.

NOTE: We may make disclosures without consent to Members of Congress under a routine use. This routine use permits disclosure to Congressional offices when the individual makes a request to that office for assistance related to a matter that requires disclosure of certain information in his or her Social Security records.

B. Procedure for handling requests

The receiving office may process a request from a State legislator only when proper written consent for disclosing tax return information or non-tax return information accompanies the request. For information on the consent criteria for non-tax return information and tax return information, see GN 03305.003D and GN 03305.003E. If we receive a request from a State legislator (or staff) that does not meet our consent criteria, return the request to the requester explaining why we cannot process it and enclose a Form SSA-3288 (Consent for Release of Information) or Form SSA-7050-F4 (Request for Social Security Earnings Information) with your notice, as appropriate.

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