TN 3 (01-89)

GN 04001.080 Documenting the Rationale for Reopening

A. Operating Procedure — SSA-553

Prepare an SSA-553, Special Determination, or other electronic writing (RPOC, DW01) or form containing specific rationale wheneveryou reopen a determination. Prepare the form or other electronic writing even if you considered reopening a determination but determined that reopening is precluded by the rules of administrative finality (GN 01010.310 - GN 01010.390).

B. Operating Procedure — Other Documentation Forms

If the rationale for reopening is in the file on another form (e.g., in disability cases it could be on the SSA-831-U5 or SSA-833-U5) it is not necessary to repeat the rationale on a separate SSA-553. The mere mention on the form that reopening does or does not apply is not sufficient rationale. In such cases, a separate SSA-553 or other electronic writing or form still must be prepared.

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