TN 15 (08-11)

RS 00203.090 Claimant Eligible as Full-time Student or Disabled Child

A. Child is a full-time student or disabled child

If there is a possibility that we may find a child entitled as a full-time student, or as a disabled child, develop the entitlement as disabled child. For information on who is eligible for student benefits, see RS 00205.001.

NOTE: The advantages of a child being entitled as a disabled child rather than a full-time student are:

  • Spouse's, mother's or father's benefits may be payable if the “in care” requirements are met.

  • Follow-ups to establish whether the child continues to be a full-time student are unnecessary.

  • The child's benefits will not automatically terminate at age 19 (age 22, if a phase-out student).

  • The child will be entitled to health insurance benefits (and have the option to elect Supplementary Medical Insurance benefits) after 24 months of entitlement as a disabled child.

EXCEPTION: Where it appears that there will be a delay in processing the child's claim based on disability, develop to establish the child's entitlement as a student. Thus, pay monthly benefits while processing the disability claim. If the disability is established, the Program Service Center (PSC) will prepare an award for Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB) for all months for which the child could be entitled and make the necessary changes in coding, diarying, etc.

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