TN 49 (09-23)

RS 00205.330 Correspondence Courses

A. Definition

A correspondence school is a school that teaches by mailing lessons and exercises to the student. Upon completion, the student returns the exercises to the school for grading.

B. Policy

Generally, a student is not in full-time attendance (FTA) based on correspondence school courses even if the correspondence school meets the definition of an EI. However, if, for a portion of the school year, a student is unable to attend regular elementary or secondary school classes due to circumstances beyond their control, the student may be in FTA for the months not actually attending school if they:

  • Enroll in correspondence courses covering subjects acceptable to their regular school;

  • Are expected to return to regular school;

  • Are granted full credit from their regular school for the courses; and

  • Are taking sufficient credits to be considered full time.

(See RS 00205.275C for policy on home schooling where the home schooling teacher uses course materials from a correspondence school.)

C. Procedure

Obtain a statement from the student explaining why they are not attending regular school classes. If the statement indicates that the student cannot attend regular school classes due to circumstances beyond their control, contact the school and determine if the:

  • Courses are covering subjects acceptable to the school;

  • Student is expected to return to school;

  • School will grant full credit for the courses; and

  • Student is taking sufficient credits to be considered in FTA.

If the information obtained from the school verifies FTA, award benefits or continue entitlement if all other entitlement factors are met.

If the student is not in FTA, deny the claim or terminate entitlement.

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