TN 20 (09-23)

RS 00208.120 Medicare - PC Procedures - Mothers/Fathers

A. Procedure - Favorable Determination of Disability

1. Deemed Entitlement to Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits (DWB)

If the parent is deemed entitled to DWB:

  1. a. 

    Send the parent a letter advising that Medicare protection will begin with the 25th month of the deemed entitlement to DWB. Advise the claimant to notify the FO if there is any change in their condition.

  2. b. 

    Do not prepare an award.

  3. c. 

    Enter the claimant's first month of deemed entitlement to DWB on the MBR by the Process Module.

  4. d. 

    Show the first month in which the claimant completed the waiting period and could have been entitled to DWB had they filed a timely application. (See RS 00615.310, NL 00703.619 and NL 00703.620).

2. Award for Actual DWB

Terminate mother's/father's benefits effective with the first month of DWB entitlement, if an actual DWB award is processed for a parent who had never previously been deemed a disabled widow(er) for Medicare purposes.

B. Procedure - Unfavorable Determination of Disability

When there is an unfavorable determination of disability:

  • Advise the claimant that they do not meet the disability requirements.

  • Give the applicable reasons for denying any disabled widow(er)'s claim.

  • Advise the claimant that they cannot become entitled to HI on the basis of the alleged disability.

  • Include the reconsideration paragraph in the letter.

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