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RS 00210.050 Background and Processing LSDP-Only Claims

Reducing the amount of paper used and subsequently stored in the process of taking and paying claims is an ongoing initiative within SSA. As part of that initiative, the lump sum death payment (LSDP) was the first type of claim taken and processed as a paperless action. For information on paper retention policy for the paperless Program Service Center (PSC), see GN 01085.030.

A. Instructions for processing LSDP-only claims

These instructions apply only to claims meeting the following criteria:

  • Conversion of a beneficiary to survivor's benefits is NOT involved; and

  • The proof of death is either a death certificate or an SSA-721, Statement of Death by Funeral Director. (Some states provide death reports electronically. For information on electronic death reporting, see GN 00304.100-GN 00304.110); and

  • There is no overpayment involved; and

  • Payment will be made to the claimant and not to a representative payee; and

  • The action will generate a complete notice.

B. Annotate proof of death screens

If the claim meets, the requirements shown in this section take the following steps:

  • Annotate the Evidence screen with the acceptable proof of death. (For instructions on how to complete the Evidence screen refer to MSOM EVID 001.003 or for information on use of the electronic disability (eDIB) folder refer to GN 00301.322); and

  • Dispose of the proof of death; and

  • Process the claim through MCS using existing instructions; and

  • After you post the action to the MBR, diary (or tickle) for 60 days; and

  • At the end of the 60-day period, dispose of the signed application.

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