TN 10 (02-11)

RS 00601.001 Scope of Chapter for PIA and Benefit Amount

This chapter describes the way benefits are calculated under Title II of the Social Security Act. It includes instructions for

  • computing,

  • recomputing, and

  • recalculating the primary insurance amount (PIA).

This chapter also explains when either an increase or a decrease in the monthly benefit amount applies, and provides instructions to follow when computing applicable increases or decreases to a specific type of beneficiary.

For general information about unreduced benefit amounts or original benefits (OB) payable to various types of beneficiaries, refer to the subsection that explain the requirements for that type of benefit. For example, the requirements for entitlement to benefits as a spouse are located in RS 00202.000. That section also provides information about the original benefit for a person entitled to benefits as a spouse. This chapter explains how that original benefit may be reduced or increased as necessary.

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