TN 24 (09-02)

RS 00615.730 Maximum Family Benefits


1. General

The Act limits the amount of monthly benefits that can be paid on any one record.

2. Determination of Maximum

  • Prior to the 1977 amendments, the maximum was found in the table of benefits provided in section 215(a) See RS 00605.950.

  • Since the 1977 amendments, a formula is used. See RS 00615.736.

3. Cost of Living Saving Clause

The maximum can be higher than the table amount in certain cases involving entitlement prior to February 1971. See RS 00615.801.

4. Combined Maximums

Simultaneous entitlement to child's benefits may cause the maximums to be combined. See RS 00615.770.

5. Adjustment of Individual Rates

If the total of all original rates exceeds the maximum, the rates must be adjusted. See RS 00615.756.

EXCEPTION: Do not reduce the following for the maximum (even if a DMAX is involved):

  • NH's retirement

  • NH's DIB

  • Divorced spouse's benefit

  • Surviving divorced spouse's benefit

  • For benefits paid 1/91 and later, a legal spouse when a deemed spouse is entitled

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