TN 5 (04-90)

RS 01301.180 Other Sources of Support - Evidence and Information


There are many types of evidence and information which might be used to reconcile discrepant statements of the parties, to supplement or corroborate the data furnished by the parties, or to furnish the basic data when the parties themselves are unable to do so.


1. Tax Returns for Claimant and NH For Years in Support Period

a. General

Tax returns may disclose a source of income as well as show medical and other expenditures which may have a bearing on the issue of support.

b. Presence or Absence of Claimant as a Dependent

The presence or absence of the claimant as a dependent on a tax return is evidence to be considered but is not conclusive on the one-half support determination.

c. Support Period Involves the Current Year

If SEI is involved and no tax return is available, the prior year's return may be used if the NE from SE is expected to be the same.

Obtain a statement over the claimant's signature that the circumstances are expected to remain the same.

2. Records of Welfare Agencies

Welfare records often contain timely data on the needs and resources of their applicants.

3. Others

The following may be able to furnish information and evidence as to sources of a claimant's support.

  • Merchants

  • Bankers

  • Landlords

  • Relatives not previously contacted

  • NH's employers

  • Fellow workers

  • Other members of the community

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