TN 28 (04-21)

RS 01505.044 Directing Requests for Coverage and Wage Information on State and Local Government Employees

A. Directing requests for information

We are responsible to accurately respond to requests for coverage and wage information. Follow the instructions in this section for requests made directly to the field office (FO) and regional office (RO).

1. FO

Direct requests for coverage and wage information according to arrangements made with your State Social Security Administrator.

2. RO

Establish direct contact with the State Social Security Administrator.

B. How to obtain coverage and wage information

Follow the instructions in this section when you contact other sources for coverage and wage information.

1. FOs to employers

Contact employers directly unless special procedures provide other contact routes. Follow special procedures for your state in the regional office Program Operations Manual System (POMS) instructions.

2. FOs to RO

Request the RO to obtain coverage or wage information, use form SSA-562-U3 (Request for Assistance Certification) if:

  1. a. 

    The state does not want local reporting officials contacted;

  2. b. 

    Employment was for the State (unless other arrangements are in effect for a particular unit of state government);

  3. c. 

    Employment was for a governmental entity in another state (send the request to the RO servicing that state);

  4. d. 

    The local reporting official cannot resolve your question ;

  5. e. 

    Your question involves state law provisions; or

  6. f. 

    You want the views of the state official.

Show the reason for the request on the SSA-562-U3 and include all development information obtained such as questionnaires, statements, and references to statutes.

To correct the earnings record (E/R), send the necessary adjustment forms to the RO completed to the extent possible and signed by the FO representative who prepared them.

3. RO

Review FO referrals.

  • Examine the request and determine the appropriate action to take;

  • Notify the requesting FO of precedent determination that resolves the question;

  • Resolve disagreements between us and the State; and

  • Return materials, except for correction forms, to the FO after you approve the determination.

4. Processing center (PC) or Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO)

Send routine requests for additional information or development to the resident FO.

  • Direct all requests for additional development on a substantive issue of coverage or wages to the RO, with a copy to the resident FO.

  • The RO determines whether the FO requests the information directly from the State or from the local reporting official by the resident FO.

  • The resident FO or RO obtains the requested information, or documents the unavailability of the evidence, and returns the material to the PC or OEIO.

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