TN 23 (10-23)

RS 01602.405 Railroad Retirement Inquiries

A. Determining coverage under the Railroad Retirement (RR) Act or the Social Security (SS) Act

For an inquiry about whether earnings are self-employment or from a railroad employer, follow the guidelines in RS 02101.800 through RS 02101.865. The processing center should submit any unresolved issues concerning railroad employment to the RRB.

Railroad Retirement Board

844 North Rush Street

Chicago, IL 60611


RRB Compensation & Employer Services (CESE)

Phone (312) 751-4809

B. Benefit estimates inquiries

When the number holder (NH) asks for a SS benefit estimate and they allege railroad involvement, request an Informational Earnings Record Estimate (ICER), see SM 00349.001A.3. and MSOM ICERS 001.002. The Office of Earnings Operations (OEO) refers benefit estimate inquires to the servicing field office.

C. Non-receipt of railroad retirement certification (RR Cert) checks

For inquiries regarding non-receipt of RR Cert checks, follow GN 02406.805 and GN 02406.810.

D. Inquiries received after notification of Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) jurisdiction

If the beneficiary makes an inquiry after receiving notification of RRB jurisdiction, refer them to the nearest RRB field office. To locate the nearest RRB office, call the RRB automated help line at 1-877-772-5772, or access the RRB’s website at Forward all written inquires to RRB with any claims related material and notify the beneficiary of the referral.

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