TN 12 (01-14)

RS 01602.505 Recomputation Cases with Railroad Service Involvement

NOTE: Do not use a W-2 form from a railroad employer as evidence of lag earnings.

A. Life cases

When a beneficiary with RRB involvement has not received an Automatic Earnings Reappraisal Operation (AERO) increase and requests a recomputation, request an Informational/Certified Earnings Record (ICER) and process a recomputation, if appropriate. Do not use lag earnings if they are from a railroad employer. For further instructions, see RS 00605.570.

B. Survivor cases

When a vested number holder (NH) dies, and we have jurisdiction of the survivor claim, add the RR compensation not previously considered wages while the NH was alive to the Earnings Record (ER) and use in computing survivor benefits, if the NH died after 1967, and was entitled to a RIB or DIB benefit. Request ICERS to determine if the PIA increases by at least $1.00, following instructions in RS 00605.540.

See Also:

  • For a definition of vested, RS 01601.100B.

  • For information regarding jurisdiction determinations by the RRB, RS 01601.300.

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