TN 11 (01-15)

RS 01701.037 Evaluating Evidence

To give credit for deemed military wages (DMW), you need evidence of the length of military service as determined by the active duty starting and ending dates.

A. Active duty starting date

1. Actual starting date

The following terms on military documents represent the active duty start date:

  • “date of entry,” either alone or followed by “on active service;”

  • “on current service;” or

  • “on service.”

2. Deduced starting date

Use the induction or enlistment date as the active duty starting date without further development if:

  • the document at hand shows only an “induction date” or “enlistment date” and the active duty entry date cannot be derived by other entries or by other evidence; and

  • there is no indication the veteran did not or could not enter active duty on that date.

EXCEPTION: Do not use the induction or enlistment date as the active duty start date if the DMWs that result from using the date provide the wage credit needed to establish insured status. In this situation, develop for the actual start date or for other proof that the veteran was on active duty in the needed quarter (e.g., a record of training or travel orders).

B. Active duty end date

1. Regular active duty

Military documents usually contain active duty end dates if the veteran had regular active duty service.

2. Reserve active duty

Use care in determining the active duty end date for a reservist. Be sure the end date shown on a military record is for the period of active duty service rather than the end of the reserve obligation. If there is doubt:

  • examine the years, months, and days of service total on the military document; or

  • compare the date in question with the date the document was prepared. If the date in question is after the date the form was prepared, it cannot be the active service ending date.

3. Discharge certificate

A discharge certificate typically shows only the fact of discharge without any details of the service. Some certificates, however, may show active duty dates. Some may show only a date of issue, which may or may not represent the active duty end date. The validity of a date of issue for wage credit purposes depends on other evidence and allegations of the claimant. A reservist does not receive a discharge until the end of the total obligation; thus, the discharge date does not represent the active duty ending date.

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