TN 47 (10-23)

RS 01702.521 PHS Reserve Officers Service for 1/1/57 - 6/30/60


Under P.L. 86-415, employment as a PHS Reserve officer after 12/31/56 and before 7/1/60 cannot be used to figure insured status or to compute the PIA for benefits after June 1960 unless all Civil Service annuity rights based on the same service are waived.

The waiver must be filed by the officer if they are alive or by their widow and by or on behalf of all the officer's children after their death, and must renounce all future rights under the Civil Service Retirement Act based in this period. The lump-sum death payment and RSDI benefits for months before 7/60 are not affected by P.L. 86-415. These benefits may be based on all covered employment including the PHS Reserve officers service for 1/1/57 - 6/30/60.


If there is an indication of PHS service after 12/31/56 and before 7/1/ 60, develop the case. If the results of the development to PHS indicate that only part of the PHS wages are due to Reserve service, and excluding the service will not affect the computation or insured status, discontinue development and handle as an RSDI case.

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