TN 12 (09-90)

RS 01802.271 Who May Qualify For an Exemption


An individual may qualify for an exemption if:

  • He/she is a member of a religious sect which satisfies the criteria in RS 01802.272; and

  • As an adherent of the established tenets or teachings of such sect, he /she is conscientiously opposed to receipt of benefits from any private or public insurance which makes payments in the event of death,disability, or retirement, or makes payments toward the cost of, or provides service for medical care; and

  • He/she waives his/her right to receive benefits under titles II and XVIII of the Act.

The waiver is effective as of the filing date if the claim for exemption is approved and bars the payment of benefits to any individual based on this record. If the request is disapproved, there is no effect.

An exemption may not be granted if, at or before the time of filing a waiver, any individual is actually or technically entitled to benefits on the record.

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