TN 1 (08-23)

RS 02807.005 Applicability Requirements

Persons who meet (all) the requirements in A-J below may be considered for preliminary payments:

  1. A. 

    the claim is for monthly retirement or survivor benefits not based on disability (e.g., disabled adult child, disabled survivor, lump-sum death payments, are excluded); (and)

  2. B. 

    the claimant is in dire need of benefit payments to meet everyday living expenses; (and)

  3. C. 

    the claimant is a United States resident; (and)

  4. D. 

    the claimant is not institutionalized; (and)

  5. E. 

    the claimant is not eligible for (SSI); (and)

  6. F. 

    the partial award procedure (GN 01010.100) is not applicable to at least one member living in the same household as the claimant; (and)

  7. G. 

    suspensions due to excess earnings are not applicable to any claimant in the household for the months of payment eligibility; (and)

  8. H. 

    no potential claimant in the household has declined to file because of excess earnings; (and)

  9. I. 

    the payment, in survivor cases, for the month of death is already due; or, in the case of a claim filed in the month of retirement, the DO/BO believes, based on the date of filing, the estimated time to receive the evidence needed for a final determination, and average processing time, that the payment for the month of retirement will not be issued through the normal processing procedures before the 10th day of the following month (and)

  10. J. 

    if railroad service is involved, less than 120 months (10 years) of creditable railroad service is alleged.

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