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DI 10105.904 General - Auxiliary(s)

Section 2, P.L. 98-460 of the Social Security Act provides that the disabled number holder (NH) may elect benefit continuation for himself/herself and any auxiliary living in his/her household. In addition, payees for auxiliary(s) and auxiliary(s) in direct pay living outside the NH's household may also elect benefit continuation. This also applies to Disabled Widow’s Benefits

(DWBs), Childhood Disability Benefits (CDBs), and mothers or fathers who have a CDB in care. If the CDB declines benefit continuation, mothers or fathers beneficiaries (dependent on having the CDB in care) cannot elect benefit continuation. The benefit continuation provision applies only to those claimants who are in benefit status at the time the election is made. See DI 12027.007—Who May Elect Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC).

CAUTION: Examine the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) to determine if the NH had elected benefit continuation, whenever an applicant files a subsequent auxiliary claim.

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