TN 41 (01-02)

DI 11010.640 DDS Requests Proof of Age for Vocational Factors


Age is a material factor in the evaluation of disability claims on medical-vocational grounds. Age of the claimant can be a critical decisive factor in the disability determination. The DDS normally will base its decision on the date of birth shown on the SSA 831-U3. Therefore, when the date of birth is not the established date of birth and there is an age discrepancy (other than the day within the month), the discrepancy must be called to the attention of the DDS on a Report of Contact (excluding DWB and SSI Childhood Claims). Include this R/C in the folder being transmitted to the DDS (see DI 11010.010). If the DDS considers an age discrepancy in file to be material to its disability determination, it will immediately telephone the FO and request the necessary development. The DDS will confirm this request with an SSA-883-U3. Since the DDS cannot complete its determination until the discrepancy is resolved, the FO must expedite its age development and determination.

Telephone the DDS with the results of the age development and confirm by completion of the SSA-883-U3. Also, the DDS may become aware of an age discrepancy in its development of medical evidence. There may be instances, therefore, where the FO will be asked by the DDS to undertake proof of age development when the FO was not aware of a discrepancy. The above procedures should be followed in these instances.

If the claim requires a disability determination by OCO/ODO, DPB, or OCO/OIO; the FO will prepare an RC advising them of any age discrepancy.

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DI 11010.640 - DDS Requests Proof of Age for Vocational Factors - 03/29/2002
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