TN 79 (09-21)

DI 11055.115 Title XVI Changed-Identity Claims

A. Policy for changed-identity claims

SSA has jurisdiction of any Title II or Title XVI disability claim filed by or on behalf of a claimant who changed their identity under the guidance of the Department of Justice (DOJ) witness protection program. These cases are excluded from Disability Determination Services (DDS) jurisdiction. These claims are not normally filed in the field office (FO). However, if the FO erroneously receives a “changed-identity” claim, complete the paper applications along with paper disability reports, and follow the procedures in this section.

REMINDER: Due to the sensitive nature of these cases, do not enter a claimant’s disability information in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS).

NOTE: This does not apply to an individual who receives a new SSN under Harassment, Abuse, and Life Endangerment (HALE) provisions.

B. Procedure – FO responsibilities for changed-identity claims

If the FO receives a “changed-identity” claim, the FO should:

1. Place the claim in double envelopes.

2. Annotate (in red) the outside of the envelope to read:


3. Mail the envelope to:

Social Security Administration

P.O. Box 359

Baltimore, Maryland 21235-0359

C. Reference

GN 00203.007, Interviewing Situations for the Federal Witness Protection Program

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