TN 64 (09-09)

DI 11055.275 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Notifications to the Field Office (FO)

A. DDS notification

When the DDS transmits a disability/blindness determination, the FO receives notification via the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Actions Page. In addition to the EDCS Actions Page, the ways in which the DDS alerts the FO of the determination vary depending on whether the claim is an allowance or a denial.

1. Allowances

The FO initiates all outstanding non-medical development when:

  • The FO receives notification on the EDCS Actions Page and the CR Action List; or

  • The servicing DDS sends an early alert notification to the FO prior to returning jurisdiction to the FO.

NOTE: Not all DDSs have this capability. For additional information, see DDS Early Alert Notifications SI 00603.020.


REMINDER: The FO must initiate and complete a Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) before finally adjudicating deferred Title XVI claims or non-deferred Title XVI claims, processed more than 120 days after the last completed non-medical development.


  • DI 81010.100, Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Actions Page

  • MSOM T16WMI 001.012, WMI-SSI CR Action List (Screen Display)

  • SI 00603.003, Deferred Development Application Process

2. Denials

When the FO receives notice of the DDS medical denial prior to completion of the development of the non-medical factors, the FO discontinues non-medical development.

B. Procedure for handling representative payee issues in Title XVI claims

The DDS is responsible for alerting the FO of representative payee issues.

1. Claimant capable

If the DDS believes a claimant is capable after another individual filed to be the claimant’s representative payee, the FO:

  • Secures an updated application from the disabled claimant; and

  • Initiates all outstanding non-medical development including lay evidence, if applicable, of the claimant's capability.

2. Claimant incapable

If the DDS believes the claimant is incapable based on medical evidence in file, DDS takes the following action:

  • Provides a capability recommendation in Remarks (Item 34) of the SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal);

  • Posts a “Y” in the CDF field of the Disability Determination Services Query (DDSQ); and

  • Creates a Special Message in eView regarding capability.


  • SM 06002.100, How to Complete the NDDSS Master File Menu (DDSM)

  • SM 06002.200, Parts of a Full Query Response

The DDS does not input disability data on the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) on medically allowed claims when the claimant filed his or her own application and the evidence obtained by the DDS indicates he or she is not capable of handling his or her own funds.

Unless the FO discovers contrary evidence, the FO must:

  • Secure a representative payee application; and

  • Initiate all outstanding non-medical development.

NOTE: The DDS alerts the FO (on the Remarks section of the SSA-831) when there is evidence in a Title XVI childhood case that the impairment relates to a maternal substance abuse, the child's parent or legal guardian suffers from substance abuse, or the child is being abused. In this situation, the FO must determine if the parent or legal guardian is the proper payee.

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