DI SF12010.155 Effectuation of Title XVI Favorable Hearing Decisions


2. After payment has been effectuated, forward a copy of the Title XVI hearing/Appeals Council/court decision (not the claims file) to the Disability Review Section (DRS) in the appropriate Program Service Center (PSC) under cover of a request to establish diagnosis and medical reexamination diary coding on the SSR.

PSC jurisdiction is determined by the recipient's Social Security Number (SSN). The attached routing memo is tailored for use with the WNPSC in Richmond, CA. If the SSN is under the jurisdiction of some other PSC, the address on the routing memo must be changed.

The DRS will review the decision and establish diagnosis and medical reexamination coding on the SSR. After a reasonable amount of time, query the SSR to verify that the DRS has entered this coding. If the SSR has not been updated, contact DRS.


From: Social Security Administration Field Office

Subject: SSI Appeals (Hearing or A.C.) Reversal DecisionReview for Medical Reexamination Diary and Diagnosis Codes ACTION

To: Western Program Service CenterCode 7406
Disability Review Section (DRS) - R-5
P.O. Box 2427
Richmond, CA 94802

The attached SSI appeal (hearing or Appeals Council) decision has been effectuated. Review the medical evidence in file to determine the appropriate medical diary and diagnosis coding. Input this coding to the SSR.

We will query the SSR after a reasonable amount of time for the medical reexamination diary and diagnosis codes. If they do not appear on the SSR, we will contact DRS/WNPSC (telephone [510] 970-1515, FAX [510] 970-1534, CC:Mail at SF WNPSC DRS) to follow up.


FO Reviewer's Signature Date

Attachment: SSI Hearing or A.C. Decision (ONLY)

(reproduce locally)

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