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DI 13050.100 Critical Cases

A. Background

After an individual has received at least one provisional payment, normal procedures should be followed for non-receipt of EXR provisional payments (GN 02406.003). When the FO becomes aware the claimant is in dire need, consider issuing CPS or force pay payments pending completion of the processing of the expedited reinstatement (EXR) action. CPS cannot be used to initiate provisional payments.

B. Policy

EXR cases should be expedited through all levels of the adjudication process. In some circumstances it may not be possible to process the EXR reinstatement to completion prior to the termination of provisional payments. In those cases, critical case processing should be considered.

C. Procedure

The critical case procedure is the same for EXR cases as it would be for other cases of dire need:

  • Obtain any necessary signed statements;

  • Process the CPS action per MSOM INTRANETCPS 001.001, SM 00635.400 to pay title II benefits; and/or

  • Process a force due action to pay title XVI payments, keeping in mind the provisions in SM 01701.080.

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