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DI 20502.025 Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Folders

A. Policy

Jurisdiction for CDR determinations is governed by the residence of the primary beneficiary using the initial claims guidelines. (See DI 20101.015 and DI 43501.001 and DI 43505.001 for foreign claims.) The following types of CDR cases will be forwarded to an examiner for review and appropriate action:

  • Scheduled medical improvement expected, medical improvement possible, and medical improvement not expected cases.

  • Periodic review cases.

  • Voluntary or vocational rehabilitation report of return to work.

  • Anonymous report of work activity.

  • Report of medical improvement.

  • CDR enforcements.

See DI 28001.001 for policy information and DI 43510.080 for development instructions for foreign claims. Plans are underway to incorporate CDR cases into the electronic disability process, starting with medical improvement expected (MIE) cases.

B. Folder content

A Title II/Title XVI or concurrent CDR case referred to the disability determination service (DDS) may contain the following development by the field office (FO):

  • Previous determination and evidence on which the determination was made;

  • SSA-454-BK (Continuing Disability Review Report);

  • Current SSA-827(s) Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration (SSA) -- one for each source listed on the SSA-454-BK plus two extra;

  • SSA-3367—Disability Report – Field Office—with items 1, 9, and if applicable, 10-12 completed;

  • SSA-821-BK or SSA-820-F4 Work Activity Report - Employee/Self Employed;

  • SSA-823 Report of SGA Determination

  • SSA-1696 – Appointment of Attorney Representative and Attorney Fee Agreement;

  • Payment record (MBR or SSR);

  • SSI2 -- Standard Response -- verifies SSI involvement;

  • SSA-5002's Report of Contact -- use may include, but is not limited to:

    • Explanation of SSI involvement

    • Special development situations

    • Names and addresses of Third Party Contacts

    • Medical development done by FO;

  • Medical evidence of record submitted by the disabled individual;

  • Name and address of representative payee, if any;

  • Welfare claim number on a conversion case; and

  • Drug and alcohol addiction (DA/A) recipient indicators if applicable.

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