TN 13 (02-16)

DI 25501.410 Established Onset Date (EOD) and Borderline Age

Citations: 20 CFR 404.1563 and 416.963

A. EOD for a medical-vocational borderline age allowance determination

In borderline age allowance determinations and decisions, establish the EOD on the latest date that allows the claim. This date must be one of the following:

  • the date of adjudication,

  • the date last insured (DLI),

  • the date that ends a disabled widow(er) benefits (DWB) prescribed period, or

  • the last date of a childhood disability benefit (CDB) re-entitlement period.

NOTE: If using the claimant’s chronological age would result in a partially or fully favorable determination, only consider the claimant’s chronological age. This is not a borderline age situation. See details in DI 25015.006.

B. Component roles for considering borderline age when establishing the EOD

1. Field office (FO)

The FO does not have a role in implementing this policy.

2. Disability determination services (DDS)

When a borderline age situation exists, the DDS evaluates if the claimant can adjust to doing other work.

Follow guidance in DI 25015.006.

C. DDS instructions for establishing the EOD when allowing a borderline age case

When a borderline age allowance determination relies on application of the next higher age category, use the following table to determine EOD.

If the date when age is material to the allowance is…

EOD is…

date of adjudication,

date of adjudication.



end of DWB prescribed period,

end of DWB prescribed period.

last date of CDB re-entitlement period,

last date of CDB re-entitlement period.

IMPORTANT: For concurrent claims, enter the Title II EOD for the Title XVI claim. If the Title XVI filing date is earlier than the Title II EOD (and the claimant met the medical and technical requirement for disability as of the filing date), establish an EOD under each title without regard to the other. For more detail, see DI 25501.370A.2.

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