TN 16 (07-23)

DI 28075.030 Capability Issue Raised During a CDR

A. Policy

Capability development is necessary when evidence obtained during a CDR raises a question as to the individual's ability to manage benefits and a continuance is being processed.

CAUTION: Be alert to situations where a beneficiary with a representative payee now appears capable and may no longer need a payee.

B. Procedure

When capability development is necessary:

  • Expedite development by notifying FO by telephone that a payee change may be necessary. Document this conversation on Form SSA-5002 (Report of Contact).

  • Prepare an SSA-5002 identifying names, addresses, phone numbers, and relationship (if known) of possible payees when the individual is their own payee and is now found incapable.

  • Complete the SSA-832/833 continuance determination and enter appropriate capability statement in item 24. (See DI 26510.095 for capability statements.)

  • Send folder to the FO having jurisdiction as described in DI 32010.000 – Routing – CDR Cases.

For more information on capability issues involving the electronic folder see DI 81020.250 Closing and Routing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cases.

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