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DI 32010.001 Routing Instructions for Continuing Disability Review Electronic (eCDR) Cases

A. Introduction to the disability determination services (DDS) routing instructions for eCDR cases

This section contains DDS routing instructions for initial eCDR cases, reconsideration eCDR cases, and reopened eCDR cases. Most eCDR cases are associated with a comparison point decision (CPD) folder which is converted to a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) and should accompany the eCDR whenever a case is routed to a new location.

A CDR folder could consist of:

  • an electronic (e)CDR with a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF),

  • an eCDR with a paper CPD,

  • a paper CDR with a paper CPD or

  • a paper CDR with an eCPD

B. eCDR case background information

When the DDS completes an eCDR, the case is closed in the Disability Case Processing System (DCPS), the DDS legacy system, eView, and the National Disability Determination Services System (NDDSS). The DDS determination governs case routing. At closure, the DDS provides the next jurisdiction of the eCDR and routes the case to that location. All cases are returned either to the originating field office (FO) or to the National Records Center (NRC) unless otherwise specified in this subchapter.

Factors to consider when determining where to route a CDR case after making the disability determination:

• Quality review selection - refers to the Federal Quality Review process, which samples CEFs. For more information, see GN 04440.015 Federal Quality Review of Certified Electronic Folders and DI 81020.135 Federal Quality Review.

• Type of determination – no determination, continuation, or cessation,

• Type of case – Title II, Title XVI or concurrent, and

• Additional actions required after determination.

NOTE: Age is no longer a factor in determining case routing and jurisdiction. Additionally, we eliminate all instructions involving forwarding cases to the PCs or PSCs.

The following sections provide DDS instructions for case routing of all initial and reconsideration eCDR and paper cases.

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