TN 15 (07-97)

DI 33530.001 Disability-Related List Code Numbers


List code numbers are used to identify certain classes of claims for study purposes or for administrative reasons (such as identifying court cases subject to new procedures). List codes are used in item 26 of the SSA-831-U3 or item 34 of the SSA-833-U3 and SSA-832-U3 (a maximum of 6 list codes can be shown on these forms).

The list shown in DI 33530.005 is a compilation of disability related list code numbers used by the Disability Determination Services (DDSs). The list cannot be used as the sole source to determine when a case should be listed. Instructions in the Program Operations Manual System (POMS) or other material are to be used as the basis for preparing a listing. Be sure to refer to those instructions whenever a listing is prepared.

POMS users other than the DDS should rely on POMS sections pertinent to them. However, when list code numbers are shown as inactive on the DDS list, the same code may be shown as inactive on the district office or processing center list.

It is not possible to update this list immediately after the addition of new codes or deletion of obsolete ones. If the chart is to be used as a complete reference, you must update it as changes occur. Where questions arise concerning the status of a particular list number code, contact the Office of Disability Policy Management Information (ODPMI), Office of Disability Policy (ODP).

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