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DI 42010.075 Telephone Contact With ODAR Due to a Typographical or Clerical Error

If unable to effectuate a decision due to a typographical or clerical error only, telephone the Hearing Office Director (HOD) in the issuing hearing office. Do not call the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) directly. Advise the HOD if a title XVI decision is involved. The HOD will contact the ALJ and request an amended decision. If an amended decision is not received within 15 working days from the date of the initial contact, telephone the HOD for status. If the ALJ is opposed to preparing an amended decision, forward case to an examiner for preparation of a memorandum requesting own motion review by the AC to the Office of Appeals Operations. Since the AC has 60 days from the date of the ALJ decision to review a case on its own motion, the memorandum must reach ODAR in enough time to allow the AC to act within this 60-day period. For this reason, it is important to adhere to the 15-day follow-up period. If the period for own motion review has expired or will expire by the time the memorandum reaches ODAR, the memorandum should request consideration of reopening the ALJ decision in accordance with Regulations No. 4., section 404.988.

NOTE: The effectuating component's action in forwarding the case by memorandum will not toll the period for reopening the ALJ decision, as only an ALJ or the AC has the authority to reopen the decision.

Use the following Regional web links to locate the name and phone number of the applicable Hearing Office Director (HOD):

  • Region I - Boston Region (see “ODAR Directory;” under “Telephone Directory” “By Job” select appropriate Office Code via drop down menu)

  • Region II - New York Region (see “Hearing Office Directory” for web-link chart of offices)

  • Region III - Philadelphia Region (see “Hearing Offices” for links to each office)

  • Region IV- Atlanta Region (see “Region IV Hearing Offices”)

  • Region V - Chicago Region (see “Office Contacts”)

  • Region VI - Dallas Region (see “ODAR Offices” drop down menu)

  • Region VII - Kansas City Region (see “Regional Contact Info” for active link map)

  • Region VIII - Denver Region (see “Region VIII Offices” drop down menu)

  • Region IX - San Francisco Region (see “Hearing Offices” link)

  • Region X - Seattle Region (select from “Offices” drop down menu, then click on “Phone Listing”)

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