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DI 80830.040 Documenting Processing Center (PC) Actions

A. Introduction

With the introduction of eDib, the PCs will now have multiple imaging systems where information related to case actions can be stored. PC employees will need to know where to house the various documents they handle.

B. Policy - general

All documentation and evidence (medical and non-medical) needed to support the disability determination must be stored in the EF. This is true even if they were originally scanned or generated to the Paperless Processing Center (PPC) system. Following this requirement will house the disability material in one place where it will be accessible by all SSA users. This includes:

  • Both medical and work issues;

  • Appointment of representatives and fee petition/agreement documents;

  • Attorney fee petition/agreement decision by the ALJ; and

  • The ALJ case decision.

Items having to do with the effectuation of the determination (for example, an SSA-559) and post-entitlement program output will continue to be stored in PPC.

NOTE: Examiners and technicians should distinguish between items that require short-term vs. long-term retention and ensure that the appropriate PPC retention is set for them. The Paperless User Guide contains instructions for identifying which actions have short-term or long-term retention and how to change the retention criterion. Also, see GN 01085.030D.

SSA has identified a list of documents that are stored in the disability folder. Every document type has an assigned default MDF section. (For example, medical evidence of record defaults to the Medical Records section of the EF.) For a complete list of document types identified in the EF, refer to the Electronic Folder Document Type Chart as shown in DI 81020.040.

C. Adding documents to the EF and creating a barcode

There are two methods for adding documents to the EF: faxing and scanning. In the PCs, only the DPBs and the DDS in the Office of International Operations (OIO) will have scanning equipment. All other PC components will use the fax process.

To add documents to the EF, the PC will create a barcode for each document (see DI 80830.100) and fax the material into the EF using the centralized fax number (1-866-722-2297).

NOTE: The barcode label for the scanning process to the EF is NOT the same barcode label created in PCACS.

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